Samsung might unveil 150-inch Micro-LED TV at CES 2018


It was reported a couple of months ago that Samsung was working hard to develop alternative technologies for next-generation premium TVs. It had reportedly accelerated its efforts to create a Micro-LED TV. It even acquired a Taiwan-based company earlier this year to use its Micro-LED technology in next-generation TVs.

According to a new report out of South Korea, Samsung is going to unveil a new 150-inch Micro-LED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 next month. Since it’s no longer making OLED TVs, Samsung is expected to increase its reliance on Micro-LED for future TV products.

It’s a tradition for Samsung to launch flagship TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show every year. CES 2018 will be the perfect venue to unveil the company’s 150-inch Micro-LED TV.

Micro-LED shares some traits with OLED. Both are constructed using light emitting diodes and they’re self-emitting. That means each sub-pixel products its own light and doesn’t require a dedicated backlight like LCD.

This enables Micro-LED panels to offer deep blacks and high contrast ratios like OLED while being easier to manufacture. The panels are also thinner than their OLED counterparts.

The reason why Micro-LED TVs haven’t been widely commercialized is that the manufacturing costs are high. Samsung is expected to push the technology in the premium segment next year from where it will eventually trickle down to more affordable models.