Samsung shutting down one of two production plants in Slovakia


It was reported two weeks ago that Samsung could be the first major company to exit Slovakia due to the tense situation in the country’s labor market. Employers have been concerned about the lack of workers in the country and Samsung was reportedly considering the possibility of shutting down its plants in the country in order to move production elsewhere.

Samsung has decided to close one of its two production plants in Slovakia but instead of moving production to another location, it’s simply consolidating the two plants.

Initial reports had suggested that Samsung was thinking about shutting down one of its two plants in the country. However, it was unclear at that time whether this was a threat to put pressure on the government or if Samsung was serious about the move.

Samsung rejected reports about relocation but didn’t rule out limiting production. It employs more than 2,000 workers combined in the two production plants that primarily make LCD TVs. The assembly plants are located at Galanta and Voderady in Slovakia.

Samsung has now said that it’s combining the two plants and that all workers at the Voderady plant will be provided the opportunity to move to Galanta on a voluntary basis with equal working conditions. The company says that it’s consolidating production facilities to “enhance its synergy and efficiency.”