Galaxy Note 9 firmware development has now begun


We can now reveal that the Galaxy Note 9 firmware development has begun. Samsung has started testing two firmware builds for its next flagship smartphone which is due for release later this year. It’s not surprising to hear that the Galaxy Note 9 firmware development has begun considering the fact that this crucial step normally begins several months before the device is actually due for release.

Take the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ for example. Samsung launched its new flagship on February 25, 2018 but we reported almost five months prior to that on September 29, 2017 that work on the firmware for both models had begun.

The Galaxy Note 9 is going to be Samsung’s second flagship handset for 2018 and if recent reports are any indication, it might very well be the company’s first device to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The first two Galaxy Note 9 firmware builds being tested carry version numbers N960FXXE0ARB7 and N960FXXU0ARC5. Samsung is testing the firmware globally. It’s interesting to note that while firmware development for the Galaxy Note 8 started on April 6, 2017, Samsung is doing the same for the Galaxy Note 9 over two weeks earlier than last year. Samsung started firmware development for the Galaxy S9 two weeks earlier than it did for the Galaxy S8 as well.

Does the early Galaxy Note 9 firmware development suggest that the new phablet will be launched earlier than its predecessor was? The question is justified seeing as how the Galaxy S8 was launched on March 29, 2017 but the Galaxy S9 was launched a month before on February 25, 2018.

For those who don’t remember, the Galaxy Note 8 was launched on August 23, 2017. We’ll likely hear rumors about an early Galaxy Note 9 launch in the months to come like we do every year for every new Samsung flagship but it remains to be seen whether or not Samsung will really do it or not.

In any case, early Galaxy Note 9 firmware development or not, the upcoming flagship phablet from Samsung isn’t going to be out before the second half of this year anyway.